The best of the first 50!

Well I’ve posted over 50 posts now and I feel like I’ve achieved something. I didn’t expect to keep it going this long, over a year and I guess if anything, it shows that I really am a Grumpy Young Bloke.

I thought I would do a list of my favourite posts from the first 50.

These are in no particular order. Let’s be honest, posts are like your children. You can’t pick your favourite can you? Yes, Yes you can. Obviously the more intelligent and talented one, clearly must be favourite! Picking posts isn’t that easy.

Anyway here goes.

1) Riot Rememberence.

When I Remembered the Birmingham Riots. It was scary.

2) The Plane.

When I was cleverly manipulated by the Four Year old next door. It was scary.

3) The Tune.

A Psychological MindF*ck as Mrs Grump seeks an answer to an intense query! Heart pumping brain-terror!

4) Cardboard Crime Prevention

Law Enforcement gone Insane! A rollercoaster of insanity!

5) When You’re Not A Friend Anymore.

Heartbreaking, Gripping, Emotional and not suitable reading for anyone with a heart condition.

6) A Very Serious Issue.

An Issue that I found to be very serious….and scary.

7) When Mrs Grump Has The Car.

A two part masterpeice detailing the trials and tribulations of public transport. A harrowing ordeal.

8) Quentin. Comedy Genius Or Just Forgetful.

Staring into the eyes of a crazed omelette maker! A frightfest!

9) I Wish I Was A Ninja.

If you awake the sleeping beauty, you will face the wrath of the beast! Edge of your bed stuff!!

1o) A Man’s Struggle & Confusion During A Shower.

In an alien world, a man struggles to understand! Gripping and yet terrifying in equal measures!

“I give this blog Five Stars and the author is so studley. I’d choose him over Hugh Jackman any day!” ***** – Mrs Grump.

“Probably the best blog I’ve ever read. This really changed my life.” ***** – No one.

“How did you get in here?! Get out you ****” – Sandra Bullock

I’ve tried to entice readers by drawing them in with a horror theme. With so many current zombie flicks and films such as the horrific Twilight acting I thought this would be the angle I should go for.

For those of you following me. Thank you. I am very grateful that you enjoy my Grumpy writings so much that you would follow me on here. But can the person who steals my underwear from the washing line, please stop doing it!

Feel free to comment about your favourite Grumpy posts. It’s always good to receive feedback!

Thank you! Here’s to the next 50! (Imagine I’m raising a glass now. A glass with something alcoholic in it. An empty glass being raised would just be stupid. Feel free to join me in the imaginary toast.)



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