I’ve Lost A Bit More Faith In The Human Race

I was shocked to hear about the Austrailian Government’s bid to proceed with an operation to cull sharks. Although the government won’t actually call it a cull themselves, they are intending to do this by paying fishermen to catch and kill sharks with bated hooks.

The reason? Well there have been a number of fatal shark attacks over the past three years. Seven to be precise. So the government have decided to carry out a vendetta with bating for the sharks and even encouraging large sharks to be shot.

Now is it me, or does anyone else think this attitude is somewhat barbaric, ignorant and cruel? This really does sadden me. I would have hoped that common sense would prevail and that there wouldn’t be a ridiculous attack on Mother Nature. Just who exactly do these politicians think they are? Throwing their weight around and attacking nature instead of trying to live in harmony with the planet and other co-habitants who have just as much right to be here as us. Who in this instance, have even more right to be in the sea, their natural habitat! Leave them alone!

There have been demonstrations against it but I don’t think the government are listening.

Let’s look at the reason behind this. Seven people have been attacked by sharks in the past three years. Where were these people? In the sea. In shark infested waters. Now I’m not saying that the victims deserved it at all, but if you’re getting into waters that contain sharks, there’s a risk that comes with that. Don’t you think? If I were to go for a swim in the local Dudley canals, I’m aware that there’s sewage, chemical waste and shopping trolleys galore in there and so if I happen to come out of the water feeling a bit peaky, having developed scales and a sudden ability to glow in the dark, I wouldn’t be surprised!

But thinking about this philosophy employed by the Australian government, I wonder how else they would deal with certain situations.

If anyone was killed because they were walking along a busy motorway / highway / freeway (whatever you call it) i.e somewhere they are not supposed to be, would the government then place a ban on cars? Or if someone trespassed onto someone’s property and got bitten by a pet dog because, well, it was a stranger in their territory, would government enforce a policy to wipe out all domestic pets?

Of course, these people were in the shark’s back yard. But this cull seems like vengeance. “Let’s send a message to the shark community!” But we’re talking about wild creatures here. Why did they attack? Were they hungry? Were they agitated or did they even attack out of fear? I’m pretty sure, that the sharks didn’t go through a logical thought process that was driven by spite. Wild creatures, creatures in the wild don’t think like you or I. That’s why you’re reading this on a computer or a phone and the wild creature is sitting on a rock or in a cave or swimming about minding it’s own business, thinking about food, survival, sleeping and mating. Sadly, the only spite being demonstrated here is by the human race, yet again. I can’t help but feel this seemingly act of retaliation towards the sharks is a bit pathetic.

When will it stop? Will word spread amongst the shark community so they will know to stay away? Err no. Will they stop swimming wherever they want to go? Err no. Will signs be put up for the sharks benefit to warn them to keep out! No, of course not besides, sharks can’t read.

It’s like living in your own home when some stranger just walks in and starts to look around. You’d be angry. Who is this person? How dare they! You would tell them to get out. You would probably end up shouting and if they still didn’t leave, perhaps you would even attack them. According to the government of Australia, it would probably be ok then for them to storm your house, wipe you and your family out. In fact no, it wouldn’t be as easy as that. Perhaps they would pay fishermen to do it!

It’s not as if sharks are the most dangerous things on the planet either. Let’s take a look at some other figures for comparison. Other causes of Deaths in Australia in 2013 were as follows according to figures I found:

Obesity: 25,000

Smoking: 10,000

Breast Cancer: 2900

Suicide: 2300

Skin Cancer: 2000

Alcohol: 1600

Car Accidents: 1200

Drowning: 290

Work Place: 180

Domestic Violence:25

Lightening: 10

Sharks: 2

Puts things into perspective a bit doesn’t it? Looks like the government are working their way up this list. They will next move on to the killing of lightning! Again, trying to fight nature. Unless that statistic relates to the athlete known as lightning from the 1990’s gameshow, Gladiators. I hope not, she’s a national treasure!


When they are finished with this list, Australia will be a country constantly in shade with absolutely no bodies of water; whose indigenous are unemployed, very slim, nomadic and sober hermits who all live alone. They will always be able to breath easily, thanks to the ban on smoking but probably one of the most shocking and disappointing changes will be that boobs are banned!! But despite all of these changes, everyone will be chipper. Happy. Joyous. Why? Because they will have to be. It’s Government Policy!!!

Right I’m hopping on a plane now to fly to Sydney to go to the zoo and take a walk through the lion sanctuary. I know I will be alright because in Australia, humans are allowed to go everywhere they like. There is no where that the human cannot tread or swim. There is no such thing as “Keep Out!” or “Danger!” in Australia! If in some freak accident this becomes my last post because I’ve been mauled to death by the completely inconsiderate and spiteful lions, I know that the government there will not say, “Serves him right for going somewhere bloody dangerous !” Instead, they will say, let’s wipe out all the lions in the country! Then again, if they found out I’m English, the lions would probably be given awards.

I bet the late great ambassador for conservation and wild life protection, Steve Irwin is turning in his grave.


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