I’ve got a new job. I’ve escaped the shackles of my former employer and tomorrow I start at a new company. A big company. A company that is global and I really hope that I will be treading in fertile soil to allow me to grow, develop and progress within the business. To be fair, with the size of this company and the ethos they appear to have of encouraging staff development, it seems feasible. Unlike my previous employer who would promise great things just to get you in and then ignore you. Where a Christmas bonus was a box of shortbread given to you in the middle of March when it was already out of date. Where having a toilet was considered a perk. You kind of get the idea of the company from my post, Words of Wisdom.

No it was not a very positive place to work but I am relieved to say that now I am free. Just to give you an idea of the professionalism I was dealing with at my former employer, my line manager who was on holiday when I handed my notice in, before Christmas, didn’t even acknowledge to me when they returned that I had done so. They didn’t even talk to me about it. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Didn’t even wish me well on my last day when I left. Anyone would have thought I had stolen her lunch. But then I didn’t expect much from someone who’s nickname in the office is, Balloon in a wig!

I am still going to be within the bowells of the insurance industry. The difference being, I am going to be working for a professional company and dealing with Commercial Clients so I won’t be dealing with idiots who don’t realise that their rotten shack of a shit-hole house hasn’t been looked after properly, hasn’t been maintained, hasn’t been cared for in the slightest and yet feel that they can have it knocked down and completely rebuilt on their insurance policy. I am glad to see the back of that.

foresee there being potential for future posts here arising from this change in job. One being the new guy, having to meet new colleagues and the potential that there is for awkward and maybe even embarrassing interactions. I hope not but you never know. For a start, as I type, I have a big red nose from a massive spot that is growing into mighty fruition and I can’t help but imagine people saying, “Have you seen the new guy? Yeah bald rudolph!” Secondly, my commute to work will probably be a big draw on material. Before, I had the pleasure of driving twenty minutes up the road but now I am going to have to get the train. With people. Uurgh! I will once again, return to the world of commuting. Whoopeef*ckindoo! I’m sure there will be plenty of weirdos on the train to talk about / moan about.

So on the cusp of a dawn of a new era, I hope to continue to provide highbrow, cutting edge journalism for your reading pleasure.

Stay tuned my little Grumpyans!


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