When A Tribute Isn’t Really!

I caught a different train from work the other day. It was a local train so there was more chance of graffiti, half empty cans of cider and the faint smell of urine.


I had no choice as the Virgin Pendolino train was delayed and I had a connection to make.


Alas my journey was made a bit more pleasant thanks to the local newspaper that had been left on the seat next to mine. I would spend my journey being enlightened by the things going on in Britain’s second city. Things like, stabbings, arson and an under torrent of Islamic fundamentalism amongst some of the schools in Birmingham. Yes, that is why I like to stay in my own little bubble, because the news brings the blues.


But my attention was drawn to a particular article. “Retro fashion shop is history,” said the headline. The story referred to a retro clothing shop in an area of Birmingham called Digbeth. The shop, Urban Village, which sells vintage clothing from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, is to close down. It is sad to hear of any independent business closing its doors for a final time.


But what struck me were the “Tributes” posted on social media and recorded in the article.


“No way! Closing Down? Sorry to hear that Frankie Johns (The owner) an iconic vintage store.” I’m sure you will agree that this message is sincere and portrays a genuine sadness that the shop is going to close. Doesn’t say they were a regular visitor though does it? Doesn’t say they used to get loads of their clothes from there does it? No. Probably the reason why it’s closing!


“Saw it on telly once and I was determined to go there and I did once.” Oh wow. Well done you! Aim high, set goals and always achieve them. This kind of determination and grit is what sets champions apart from the rest of us! I’m glad you visited it……once! You are probably the reason why this shop is closing!


“Loved it, but didn’t get to meet Frankie because he was on holiday.” How many holidays does Frankie have? Probably not that many. Once a year like most of us? Therefore I must deduce that you probably only visited once. It is probably because of people like you that the shop is closing down!


“A major inspiration for me – have a regular wander round there in my lunch time. End of an era.” No, end of something for you to do during your lunchtime. What do you think you were doing anyway? Treating it like a museum? It’s because of people like you that it’s probably closing down!


Am I the only one reading between the lines here and seeing the irony of these tributes?


One comment

  1. gingerfightback · August 26, 2014

    Tweeted this with an ironic smirk on me face


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