Science! YEAH! Whooop?

I came across this video asking the big scientific question that’s probably been haunting you and I for our entire lifetime.

No, not, “Why are we here?”

Not, “What is at the edge of space?”

Not even, “How does Donald Trumps hair work?”

No, the big question….

What happens when you pour molten aluminium into a lava lamp?

I bet you never guessed did you? Who would have thought that by pouring molten aluminium into a lava lamp, you’d f*cking break it?

To me, that’s not science. It’s just a very long winded way of breaking something. There are far more economical ways of doing that!

I’m going to do an experiment and film it. It’s all in the name of science of course. It’s called let’s see what happens when you hit annoying people who make shit science videos with a fish!

A big fish.

A fish that might have swallowed a brick.

In a previous science experiment that was also filmed called “Fish V Brick”

What do you think?


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