Are You With Me?

Grumpy Brothers and Sisters!!!

Here me now!

Alas the time has come to expand the word of Grumpiness!

While the sun is shining, the neighbours are listening to UB40 in their garden and trying got converse with their evil b*stard cat! I am weary of neighbours in the summer. When I first moved into Chateau Grump, during my first summer here, there was a knock on the door and it was one of my neighbours, Lee. “Hiya, just thought I’d let you know, we’re having a barbecue next door.”

I felt quite moved by this compassionate act of my neighbour. Knowing that I’m the new guy in town and living alone back then, they obviously had taken pity on my loneliness, my nights sitting in doors, in the dark, watching old episodes of Lovejoy. My neighbour, my newfound Brother of Dudley obviously thought that this would be a good opportunity to break bread with me as it were. To welcome me and to show that I’m not alone because everybody needs good neighbours and as the soap theme tune would have you believe, good neighbours can become good friends!

“Oh right,” I said, waiting for the formal invite which was about to come.

“So you might want to get your washing in.”

“Oh right,” I replied. My high expectations fizzling away with disappointment much like my GCSE results.

There was no invite. There was no breaking of bread. Just an oven pizza and more Lovejoy for me. Lovejoy was an 80’s TV show by the way. I know it sounds like some sort of solo love pump. It’s really not. It’s got Ian McShane in it with a mullet. Say no more!


So whilst my feline conversing neighbours drink cheap lager, play UB40 and talk about bunions, (not that I’ve stood on the authorised of the fence listening in for ten minutes, only five minutes) I have mostly been slaving away, to try to get with the times and have a presence elsewhere on the web. But a good presence, not an unwelcoming presence like a nightly visit from Jimmy Saville.

So to those of you who enjoy reading my posts, by all means, share the love and join me on Facebook too! There will be more grumpiness than the regular posts here. Really step into my world, get involved, get grumpy and let off steam.

Facebook page is here:

I’m also on Twitter: @Thegrumpy_bloke should you be one of those twittery types.

Thank you, good night and happy summer!


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