On Saturday evening, with a cry of “This is for Syria!” a man attacked another man at Leytonstone Tube station, London, with a knife before eventually being taken down with tasers by police. The 56 year old victim underwent five hours of surgery and I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

This is no doubt, a terrible incident and as a video of the police restraining the attacker appeared on social media, there was a whole lot of attention towards the unknown bystander, out of view of the camera, who shouted to the attacker, “You ain’t no Muslim Bruv!”

The sentiment clear, that the attacker wasn’t a Muslim regardless of his deluded mindset. He was if anything, a twat.

All over social media, #youaintnomuslimbruv was spreading and it even appeared on the front page of The Metro newspaper.

Even our Prime Minister, Etonian lover of Pork, David Cameron, gave a credit to the bystander’s words, quoting him word for word in what looked very uncomfortable and awkward. Paying tribute to the taunt, Cameron said that it summed it all up better than he ever could.

You can see both videos on the Guardian page.

I agree with the sentiment of the bystander. The man was not an example of a good Muslim.

But, here’s the thing. Call me pedantic, but, well…. he used a double negative. “You ain’t no Muslim” is effectively saying, “You are not no Muslim.”

So the bystander actually taunted the man by calling him a Muslim.

And so did David Cameron. I wonder if he ever denied his loving encounter with the pig’s head by saying, “I ain’t no pork porker!”

I know, I know, it’s not what they meant. But still, that’s what they said.

So as the country rightfully praises the bystander for taunting the attacker who was by all accounts not demonstrating peaceful Muslim beliefs but the beliefs of a twat; English teachers, Grammar nerds and the Grumpy Young Bloke sat convulsing in a dark corner somewhere at the incorrect use of a double negative!



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