Now it’s Christmas! Now!

It’s the 13th of December. Now! Yes, now! Now it is Christmas and not a day before!

Twelve days of Christmas and all that, remember? I can’t stand it when people even mention Christmas in October, put their tree up in November and celebrate what essentially is now a consumerist festival which, for the vast majority of people, (Around here anyway) has lost it’s religious sentiment.

The birth of Christ and all that jazz seems to be less the focus of the season with the focus being more about buying and getting presents. Many, many presents and spending, spending and spending some more. Which is a shame really because the birth of Christ wasn’t about all that was it? Although, one of the gifts bought to him was Gold which isn’t cheap so perhaps the message has always been there.

Mrs Grump asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. I don’t really want anything to be honest. If I need a jumper, I go and buy one and the only other thing I can think of asking for is something which I will actually get some practical use out of. But when I asked for a bumper pack of Gillette Razors for shaving my head, I was met with a stoney faced, unimpressed Mrs Grump. I think she thought I was taking the Mick. I really wasn’t. Just as well I’ve got my regular supplier through Amazon.


Anyway, to get into the Christmas spirit, here’s a Christmas song and I think it kind of sums up my feeling perfectly.

Have a Happy / Grumpy Christmas!


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