Bewarned: Click bait

Here’s some free advice for you:

If it says, “These pictures will leave you amazed,” you won’t be amazed at all; just very disappointed.

If it says, “You won’t believe what happens next,” you probably will believe it and feel greatly underwhelmed.

If it says, “This is hilarious,” I guarantee you will not L.O.L.

If it says, “These shocking images of [insert subject here]” you will not be shocked but you will be bitterly disappointed.

If it says, “These pictures will leave you speechless,” you will shortly be saying, “What a load of shit, that’s minutes of my life I’m not getting back,” or something similar.

If it says, “You’ll never guess what happens next,” how about guessing that you’ll feel that it was somewhat of an anticlimax and vow never to do it again. But both you and I know, you probably will.

Click bait, AKA time wasting bullshit.

I’m thinking of starting a war on Clickbait. Who’s with me?

P.S I don’t actually know how I could go to war with clickbait.


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