The Benefit Of An Early Start

I needed to catch up on sleep. So last night I went to bed much earlier than usual, before 10pm.

Did I catch up on extra hours of sleep? 

No. 5am this morning I was wide awake. 

So I got up. 

It’s an exciting prospect waking up early and having precious time to kill before you go to work. I’ve always wished that I could get up early and utilise the time efficiently to be super-proactive. Doing…. stuff. The possibilities are endless. 

Actually, that’s not the case. Mrs Grump was beautifully snoring away and to do anything to wake her would be dicing with death. 

Perhaps I could go for an early morning walk? A jog along the beach? Fresh air? Not possible. I live in Dudley as well as not exactly being a beauty spot, we’re getting a beating from Storm Eva. 

Reading? Good idea, however, I have the tendency to fall asleep when reading which would completely contradict the whole idea of getting up extra early. 

What did I feel like doing? Nothing. 


Because it’s bloody Five in the morning, that’s why! 

It was boring. 


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