Meanwhile in Budapest….

It’s seriously chucking it down. If I wanted shit weather I could have saved on air fare. 

So I’m sat in a Costa with a croissant and coffee to perk me up. There are a handful of other customers looking miserable, as though they’ve made the decision to wait until the rain passes before venturing out once again, and have realised that the rain is here for the day, so now they’re trapped in a carbon copy Costa for the next 24 hours. 

The Baristas have a relatively unfriendly nature to them by Western standards. This is a common theme that Mrs Grump and I have found during our time here. If they work behind a till, they seem to have a hatred of all human beings. When making a purchase, I’m always feeling like I’ve been told off or my mere presence has pissed them off. Again, I could have saved on air fare for that experience. 

Is it because I’m English? I’m thinking of getting a T-shirt printed saying, “Hey, I voted Remain!”

Last night I ordered a couple of drinks in a restaurant with a wonderful romantic view. I opted for alcohol, Mrs Grump wanted a strawberry soda. The waiter brought over a cider. I did the very British thing of explaining that there’s been a mistake and that I ordered a strawberry soda, not cider and yet still included an apology in there even though it was no fault of mine. “It’s probably his accent, he’s from Birmingham,” Mrs Grump tried to explain. This, of course, meant absolutely nothing to the waiter who pulled a face like that of finding a dirty nappy on your doorstep. 

Back to the coffee shop and apart from the customer service skills of an aggressive verruca, the miserable atmosphere, miserable weather and the fact that the soya milk I requested doesn’t seem to want to mingle with my coffee, all is well. 

I’m reflecting as our trip is coming to an end and Mrs Grump and I have had a great time in this beautiful city. I would recommend a visit. There is so much to do that if you’re not careful, you’ll need another holiday to rest from all the running about. 

Then the Barista puts some music on to create a pleasant atmosphere. Some electronic, techno type of music that belongs in a fight scene from a Blade movie. 

Now imagine the scene before me if you will. Whilst this pounding fight scene soundtrack thumps through the speakers in this carbon copy Costa, a miserable old lady dunks her biscuit into her tea and tragically suffers the consequence of an overly saturated biscuit. 

Poor woman. She’ll have biscuit gunk at the bottom of her tea now. At least the soundtrack to the biscuit’s demise was befitting. 


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