About the mysterious creature that is The Grumpy Young Bloke

In 1981, in an ancient English borough known as Sandwell, a mere shadow of its former industrial heyday, a child was born. His parents both carried the extremely rare gene known as Miserableus Shiteus!


The child was considered special and even made the papers because his toes were not webbed. Was this a sign? What did this mean?


With the demise of this industrial epicentre, the people needed someone to show them the light. To lift them from this dark time and to challenge perceptions, inspire those who were lost and to be a beacon of hope to all. Besides, they had only just discovered electricity and this strange “magic” made the locals particularly anxious and weary. It was the discovery of fire all over again!


What gift would this child have? What wisdom could he impart to those seeking guidance and salvation?


Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


34 years on this spinning planet and I am taking on the 21st Century Urban Jungle. Tackling the social etiquette of everyday life, working in the high octane, adrenaline pumping insurance industry (sigh) and sharing with you and my army of Grumpyans, my experiences, warped viewpoints and perhaps even a different perception on things; always with the intention to bring a smile to your face.


Join me, for I am The Grumpy Young Bloke!



One comment

  1. dretsiga · December 16, 2012

    absolutely brilliant. As your therapist, I recommend you continue to purge your grumpiness! lmao


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